Jun. 30, 2010
Updated: 3:13 AM


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Alleged spies always
strived for connections

An FBI affidavit suggests a Cambridge couple arrested Sunday night relied on their networking skills to gather information and relay it back to Russia. (Boston Globe)

This buoy's for you

This buoy's for you
Dan Cosby and other lobstermen have developed new ways to deliver their product in a tough market. (Globe)

Brown’s threat gets bank tax removed

Democratic House and Senate negotiators eliminated a $19 billion fee on big banks after Senator Scott Brown vowed to abandon his support for the bill. (Boston Globe)
Critics pounce, Kagan parries

Critics pounce, Kagan parries

Supreme Court nominee Elena Kagan defended her record against criticism led by a top Republican on the second day of her confirmation hearing. (Boston Globe)

Spill emerges as a key campaign issue

The BP oil disaster has seeped into congressional campaigns far from the Gulf Coast. (Boston Globe)

Tired of risks, many shedding stocks

The wild ups and downs of Wall Street, the debt crisis in Europe, and the gulf oil spill have caused millions of investors to leave the stock market. (Boston Globe)
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