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Make money below the fold!
If you still don't believe you can monetize content below the fold, let us show you otherwise.

Analytics for advertisers have never been better. They want quality brand-safe content and ads that are viewed not hidden below the fold. This presents a challenge to publishers especially if they have long pages. But publishers don't worry - below the fold can be monetized at good CPMs using ZEDO technology. Advertisers using tools like DoubleVerify will be able assure themselves their ads have been seen -- even below the fold.

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"I have worked with different ad server before. What is impressive is that ZEDO makes it easier for Advertisers and Publishers to run successful campaigns. And having Mohit and Team ( with their extended knowledge about ad serving) assisting you on all of your questions, concerns and troubles I must say They are the best. Big up to them."
- Amadou Kante
Account Executive
Seed Corn Advertising

"I am not exaggerating when I say I have never met a more professional and efficient group of people. I just sat next to the CEO of AdTech on the plane and told him there was no way wed leave ZEDO. Your reporting, ease of use, ranking, and geo-targeting are industry leading and Ive used them all, DART, Atlas, etc. Reporting is especially well done, this is a true asset to ZEDO as much as your human capital."
- Peter S. Shin
VP, Business Development

"Zedo has reliable customer service. You can be certain that the support team will reply promptly to any questions posed."
- Cheza Estacion
fomerly of ABS-CBN

"I am very happy with your amazing support team. They are all very professional and responsive and help us with any issue we have."
- Naama Miller
Director of Publisher Relations

"ZEDO has been a great partner year after year, working with us to develop high-impact Rich Media formats so we have something unique to offer our clients. Their support team backs us up 24/7."
- Josh Peerless
Senior Interactive Developer, Corporate Marketing
CBS Interactive

"ZEDO is always there when you need them...they listen/they respond/they act....they're a perfect ad serving partner"
- Roary Wilder

"ZEDO [is] a leading provider of ad serving solutions. Their function set, service, and uptime is in my opinion unparalleled. ZEDO will offer just about any functionality you can think of or expect from an ad serving provider at rates that you will find very hard to beat. I have worked with ZEDO for several years and have had nothing but excellent service from them."
- Jess Dolgin

"ZEDO is light years ahead of any other ad serving company as far as serving our needs."
- Major Customer in the Newspaper Space

"[The ZEDO Implementation team's] help has been invaluable, and helped enable a smooth transition for us."
- Shawn Verdin
Client Services Coordinator
iMedia Connection

"I think ZEDO is the perfect ad server for any site or company looking to make money from unsold ad inventory."
- Major Customer in the Newspaper Space

"We find ZEDO to have the best reporting of all ad servers that our team uses on behalf of our clients, being both fast and flexible, allowing us to drill down into data from multiple views."
- Doucette Media

"I love all the great development work Zedo does and the highly responsive support team that is available 24/7."
- Dorian Kim
Senior Ad Operations Manager
DogTime Media, Inc

"ZEDO's ad ops team is experienced with our ad server and works with us to make sure they understand our specific needs... we never have to worry about being short on trafficking resources."
- Kelly Bolyard
Vice President
Paddock Publications

"I would recommend ZEDO to anyone, your teams are always so helpful."
- Colleen Harrison
Account Manager
Cyberstrobe Marketing

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