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Short Take: Ad firm Zedo inks deals
By Stefanie Olsen
January 11, 2002

Zedo, which uses peer-to-peer software to serve online advertisements, said Friday that it s igned deals to deliver ads for file-sharing network StreamCast Networks, creators of Morpheus, and Boston Media, among others. The agreements push Zedo's ad-serving counts to more than 6 billion ads a month, the San Fra ncisco-based company said. It added that its ad-delivery deals come at no cost to publishers for "unsold" ads--a common occurrence as the advertising market has withered on the Web.

Zedo says that because it has an efficient architecture for its ad network, relying on decen tralized servers, it is able to deliver ads at a low cost. The ad-serving product also lets publishers target and report on ads, including statistics o n the duration of an ad viewed. Founded in 1999, Zedo also signed on, Silicon India and Nutrio as customers.