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Zedo's Landing Page Optimization
By Roger Park, Associate Editor
February 16, 2005
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Ad serving solutions company ZEDO, Inc. announced the launch of its landing-page optimization tool. ZEDO claims their new tool will enable marketers to maximize return on investment (ROI) for post-click campaigns by optimizing the performance dynamic landing pages.

ZEDO's landing page optimization enables advertisers to enter multiple landing pages for each creative in a campaign. ZEDO will then automatically rotate click-throughs to the landing pages for each creative. The optimization engine computes the cost thousand impressions (CPM) for different landing pages and directs the user to the highest performing landing page. ZEDO claims this ensures better conversion for each click.

"ZEDO has been setting standards in optimization technology by constantly building newer features and techniques to generate measurable results for successful, savvy internet companies that are focused on maximizing ROI. Landing Page Optimization developed by ZEDO will prove to be a powerful tool for companies in the lead generation space," says Roy de Souza, chief executive officer, ZEDO.

More details of the research and methodology by ZEDO are presented in a white paper at .