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Larger Ads=Big Attention, Small Cost
By Eunice Park
February 11, 2004

A study from ZEDO and Eyetools shows that large Internet ads generate consumer attention at low costs. The study found that full-page overlay ads, which cost advertisers 14 times more than banner ads, can generate more than 30 times the viewing amount. Eyetools. eye-tracking system measured eye movement as users browsed Web pages, allowing researchers to calculate what percentage of users looked at ads and for how long.

"Brand advertisers have been asking whether they should pay high prices for full page overlay ads. This research at last provides a methodology for them to decide how much to pay," says Roy de Souza, CEO of ZEDO, an Internet ad serving company headquartered in San Francisco. "This is great news for brand advertisers, especially combined with the declining costs to serve these ads."