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San Francisco, Feb 10, 2004 - A new research methodology launched by ZEDO, Inc. and Eyetools, Inc. shows that large Internet ads can be a low cost way for brand advertisers to generate consumer attention. The new research methodology enables advertisers to determine which ad formats, sizes, placements and creative provide the best value.

The research undertaken by ZEDO and Eyetools that was presented at the Ad-Tech conference in New York quantitatively demonstrates that even though full page overlay ads (ad that take over the whole page of a website) cost advertisers about 14 times more than a banner ad, they can generate over 30 times the amount of viewing. When one conducts a cost benefit analysis, these larger, more expensive formats demonstrate that they can generate consumer attention at half the cost of banner ads. Larger ad formats could prove themselves to be the most cost effective medium for brand advertisers.

The research uses an Eyetools eyetracking analysis system that measures human eye movement as web users browse web pages. By calculating what percentage of a sample group looks at which ads for how long, researchers produce a quantitative measure of consumer attention. Preliminary findings are based on limited data from a proprietary database and the research is on going. ZEDO and Eyetools will offer this collaborative research to advertisers to further expand their understanding of how consumers view ads online.

"Brand advertisers have been asking whether they should be paying the high prices that websites want for full page overlay ads. This research at last provides a methodology for advertisers to decide on how much to pay. By measuring consumer attention in this way, advertisers can now decide how much they should spend." Said Roy de Souza CEO of ZEDO who presented the research at Ad-Tech. "That is great news for brand advertisers, especially combined with the declining costs to serve these ads. Internet users around the world will soon be seeing these more entertaining large-format ads from the world's great brands like Coke, Budweiser, and McDonald's."

"Until now, the process of collecting data on consumer viewing of advertising was too difficult and time-consuming to be practical," said Colin Johnson, Chief Executive Officer of Eyetools. "A ZEDO/Eyetools consumer attention study allows advertisers to quickly and affordably optimize the exact mix of variables critical to a campaign's success - ad design, placement, format, and size for any website on which they might buy advertising inventory. Best of all, this performance can be optimized before the campaign to ensure that the advertiser's investment in advertising generates the greatest possible return."


ZEDO is the leading provider of Third Generation Ad Serving(TM) technology for today's online advertising and eCommerce needs. ZEDO uses a unique proprietary architecture that is fast, scalable and is highly flexible in meeting customer needs. ZEDO currently leads the industry in fully featured, cost effective, ad serving for Internet publishers and advertisers. Its full feature set is presented in an intuitive and highly acclaimed graphical user interface. ZEDO technology includes advanced time of day and broadband targeting, full analytics and conversion tracking (including tracking conversions from Overture and Google buys) that help companies generate more revenue from Internet advertising.

For more information on ZEDO go to ZEDO is a global company with headquarters in San Francisco and offices in the UK and India.

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