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ZEDO Self Service platform to open Social Networks to new advertisers across the world

San Francisco, November 5, 2008 – San Francisco based ZEDO, Inc. the leading ad server for New Internet websites and the third largest ad serving company in the world, today launched a self service platform that allows any large site or ad network to open up to thousands of new advertisers in the US and across the world.

The self service platform allows sites to sell advertising in any language. Social networks and other New Internet sites will be able to generate new revenue without incremental sales cost or capital expenditure. The platform includes a fully skinnable interface from which advertisers buy ads. The interface can easily be adapted to the look and feel of any social network and can work in any language. Advertisers can buy text ads, image ads or even build their own flash ads using an easy drag and drop tool and pre-created templates.

The platform will open up social networks to new advertisers across the world in the same way that Facebook and Open Social Applications opened up social networks to new developers across the world.

Roy de Souza, Founder and CEO of ZEDO, Inc. said, "In the current economic climate industry players are asking for ways to increase revenue with low or zero capital expenditure. This platform creates a great opportunity for social networks to increase their revenues. The ZEDO self service platform will generate credit card payments to social networks with minimal setup costs and no capex. These payments will go straight to the social network's bank account. Google makes billions of dollars a year from small advertisers across the world. It is time for large Internet sites to do the same."

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