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ZEDO Claims Its Outsourced Ad Operations Service Is the Most Valuable Offering From Its Huge 2010 Year

SAN FRANCISCO, CA--(Marketwire - December 8, 2010) - ZEDO, the Advertising Technology Partner for Publishers, gave internet publishers more advertising technology options, more visibility into their ad data and more ways to make more revenue in 2010. However, its biggest value offering for publishers is its Outsourced Ad Operations services.

ZEDO offers advertising technology solutions that can help publishers monetize three ways (direct sales, self-service advertising, and automatic revenue optimization); a network optimization system integrated into its ad server that enables publishers to manage their entire inventory; and a new product called "ADMagic" that allows publishers to see ad data directly on their web pages. While these products and services offer great value to publishers, the most valuable offering lays with the company's expert support and R&D teams: outsourced ad operations. Outsourcing trafficking to ZEDO allows publishers to: 1) Save money, since ZEDO only charges about half the fully loaded US cost of a full time ad operations employee; 2) Maintain better staffing coverage, because ZEDO's outsourced ad operations service provides 24/7coverage; 3) Avoid retention issues, because with ZEDO, publishers can focus on maintaining their excellent senior teams instead of spending time hiring and retaining ad traffickers.

ZEDO CEO Roy de Souza stated in a 2010 blog post, "I think outsourcing of ad ops is the right way to go for publishers. We can add value to any publisher across the world. Outsourced ad ops is one of our big value adds today."

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About ZEDO

ZEDO, Inc. is a digital ad solutions company that offers products and services for a publisher's premium, self service, and remnant inventory. Products include ad network optimization, innovative rich media formats for publishers' direct sales teams, full featured ad serving, behavioral targeting data built into the ad server, an exchange-like platform for publishers to sell behavioral and DMA targeted inventory at high CPMs (see:, a self service platform to allow advertisers to buy directly from a publisher, outsourced ad ops and more. These products are integrated into one technology platform for publishers to choose from, or use seamlessly together. ZEDO has been in the internet advertising industry for over 10 years, and is the most successful independent ad server in the US. The company provides innovative solutions that boost revenues for Internet publishers.

ZEDO is headquartered in San Francisco and has four development centers in Russia and India.

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