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Zedo launches Internet ad reporting technology

Mumbai, July 9, 2008 - Silicon Valley based Zedo, the ad server for new Internet websites and the third largest ad serving company in the world, has launched an Internet Ad reporting technology.

The Zedo Ad Sequence Deep Dive Report shows the performance of ads per user along the frequency of impressions.

The graph is designed for new Internet sites like photo sites, social sites and game sites where users stay on for a considerable amount of time. The ads an user sees first have a higher click through rate (CTR) than those seen later.

The report allows publishers to view performance of ads depending on where they are in the sequence: the 1st position, the 2nd, the 3rd etc. This exposes new revenue opportunities by giving details of where an advertiser can get better performance. The report is available per country and per ad placement.

It helps publishers to see performance of ad networks across the sequence and therefore optimize the sequence to give the best performance to the highest paying networks or advertisers.

Zedo CEO Roy de Souza says, "We released lots of great features at ad:tech San Francisco and customers loved them. Therefore we are keeping up this development pace to help our customers make more money. Customers particularly love and always ask for better reporting so we went ahead and built this novel tool. This report is unique and only available from Zedo.
"These reports instantly provide me with deep insight into what is happening on a site. Looking at it per channel is truly an eye opener that must be seen to be believed. With this groundbreaking report ZEDO has extended its leadership in ad serving for high volume sites, in ad network optimisation and in behavioral targeting. They all depend on knowing the different CTR across the sequence and now you can see it."

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