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SAN FRANCISCO, November 7, 2005 -- ZEDO, Inc. a leading provider of online ad serving solutions, today announced a new capability called Confirmed Revenue Tracking or “CRT.” This new feature extends ZEDO’s large-volume ad serving systems specifically for direct marketers who track online and offline conversions to sale.

Marketers who use performance-based advertising need to track more than clicks. With ZEDO’s Confirmed Revenue Tracking technology, digital direct marketers can access the ZEDO Application Programming Interface - API – to assess offline conversions and tie them back to campaign cost data. ZEDO’s solution is the first in the industry to pull conversion and specific revenue data back into an ad serving system to close the loop for online marketers focused on customer acquisition. Marketers can now track individual conversions and pass back the exact revenue realized from specific campaigns. This is a significant improvement over traditional tracking methods that can only estimate revenue per conversion across a group of aggregated conversions and it’s vital to companies who offer a free trial before purchase and must manage the lag time to conversion.

“This is the first revenue reporting tool that helps us track actual conversions, giving us a significant advantage in the marketplace,” said Robert Jewell, Co-founder of Gratis Internet.

Roy de Souza, CEO of ZEDO, Inc. noted, “Why settle for ‘averages’ when you can pinpoint the exact data per user and count revenue when it’s realized?” “With Confirmed Revenue Tracking, digital marketers can optimize their flow of revenue against the exact creative unit, landing page and/or site combination that delivers buyers, not “trialers” or “form fillers.”

Working alongside some of world’s top marketers, ZEDO has developed an ad-serving platform focused specifically on the needs of digital direct marketers and rich media for publishers. Among ZEDO’s leading customers are,, Hotwire, CNET Networks, Live 365, QuinStreet and The National Enquirer.


ZEDO, a leading worldwide provider of online ad serving, uses a proprietary Third Generation Ad Serving™ technology that is faster, immensely scalable and highly flexible in meeting custom requirements. ZEDO’s fully featured ad serving platform provides advanced features that enable low cost rich media serving, automatic revenue optimization, precision targeting (profile, behavioral, bandwidth, geographies and more), efficient trafficking and comprehensive reporting. ZEDO supports the constantly evolving array of ad formats including Video ads, Full-page ads and transition ads. ZEDO offers 24-hour technical support and is dedicated to quality and professionalism in customer service. ZEDO is a global company with headquarters in San Francisco and offices in Boston, UK and India.

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