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ZEDO Rolls Out Ad Serving Reports to Cell Phones via SMS

San Francisco, July 14, 2008 - ZEDO, Inc., the leading ad server for new Internet websites and the third largest ad serving company in the world, today announced that it can now send ad serving reports to cell phones via SMS. This will greatly benefit advertisers and publishers who can set up alerts for such reports and receive them in a timely fashion.

Reporting to cell phones by SMS has proven to be extremely successful and popular with the new Internet sites that use ZEDO for ad serving. Customers like to watch their numbers and data on a regular basis. They often want to see how many impressions they served in total or how well a key advertiser's ads are performing at specific times of the day. Customers just choose their report; enter their carrier, their cell phone number and the time they want to receive the report. ZEDO then formats the data and sends it to the customers' cell phones by text message. This means that ZEDO customers don't have to search in their email for data, it comes right to them regardless of where they are or what they are doing.

CEO, Roy de Souza comments, "Like many of our customers I am always busy and often traveling. I get too many emails and I don't have time to login to web-based applications as often as I would like. Therefore, I love having my data sent as a text message to my cell phone every day at the same time. I set up reports to reach me at 9am and again at 6. Overtime I can instantly see trends and spot problems. For people addicted to their cell phones and to getting good information fast, these reports by SMS hit the mark."

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