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Plug-n-Play Advertising Module Released by ZEDO

San Francisco, USA & India, April 22, 2009 –Silicon Valley based ZEDO Inc, the largest independent ad server in the world, today unveiled their proprietary Self Service Plugin for high-volume websites and major ad networks.

Unlike Facebook Advertising and MySpace MyAds, ZEDO's Self Service Advertising module can be plugged into any website or ad network site that wants to offer advertising to small businesses and advertisers around the world. The product was designed to increase revenue dramatically without growing the cost of building or growing a direct sales team.

ZEDO's Self Service Advertising module was built for ease of implementation. "Smooth integration is key with this product," said Summer Koide, VP of Product and Services at ZEDO, "Social Sites and Big Brand Ad Networks won't allocate development resources for a long implementation, and aren't interested in a product that's difficult to integrate or configure. Our Self Service Advertising module was designed so that customers would never worry about integration, testability or performance."

The Self Service Advertising product, which can be deployed in any language, supports CPM- and CPC-based buys, targeting to specific geos, audience demographics, user interests or activity, and allows for text-based or display ads. The product also features a flash-based ad designer, which allows the end user to test out different creative and messaging.

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