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ZEDO Focuses on Behavioral Targeting

NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwire - June 23, 2008) - Roy de Souza, Founder and CEO of ZEDO, Inc., the leading ad-server for high volume web publishers and the third largest ad server in the world, recently spoke on the evolution of online advertising at InHale Multi Channel Marketing, a conference held by Acxiom Corporation in New York.

At the conference, Mr. de Souza spoke about the future of behavioral targeting and re-targeting. ZEDO is a pioneer in the space and the leader in behavioral targeting. "Like it or not, users spend more and more of their time on high volume sites such as games sites and social sites," said Mr. de Souza. "There are millions of users on these sites and with their huge growth rates they will soon dominate available advertising inventory. Smart advertisers now demand clever technologies to find and target in real time only the users they want to show their advertising messages to. ZEDO has years of experience serving hundreds of billions of ads. This has taught them that behavioral targeting is the best possible way to advertise on high volume sites. Behavioral targeting is the future of Internet advertising."

ZEDO's focus is on behavioral and retargeting technology to zero in on advertisers' target audience on many sites including social sites. ZEDO is the industry's only behavioral specialist and the only company that sells only behaviorally targeted impressions. Behavioral targeting allows advertisers to communicate with their online consumers in a highly personalized manner and achieve good performance. Allowing marketers to segment and target ad campaigns across many sites to just the users that they need will soon become vital to all advertising campaigns.


ZEDO is the world's third largest Internet ad serving company and the largest independent ad server. ZEDO focuses on selling behavioral targeted campaigns for high volume web publishers. They also offer web publishers an ad network optimization product that chooses, in real time, the ad network that will pay the publisher the most. And lastly, ZEDO offers publishers extensive ad serving tools with innovative features including reporting by sms to cell phones, support for ads and ad networks inside videos and flash applications.

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