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ZEDO celebrates its 10th year in ad serving

San Francisco, California, September 30, 2009 –ZEDO, Inc., the largest privately held ad server in the US, celebrates its 10th anniversary today. ZEDO has grown from a San Francisco startup to a major player in Internet advertising.

ZEDO's vision, from its inception, has been to help publishers increase their revenue. ZEDO started with a unique concept of selfTargeting(TM) where a user could choose the type of ads they preferred. Since then ZEDO has expanded to offer a full publisher ad serving platform, extensive APIs, a self service system, video ad serving, ad serving on iPhones, an ad network optimization suite and innovations in high CPM ad formats. ZEDO today has 5 software development and customer service centers in the US, Russia and India. ZEDO serves over 1,000 customers globally.

Roy de Souza, Founder & CEO stated, "I congratulate and thank the ZEDO team and alumni for building high quality technology and offering high quality customer service. The ZEDO team has proven that it can innovate and introduce advanced advertising technologies to exceed customer expectations." "The future is ever brighter for Internet advertising and for ZEDO. Internet advertising continues to grow rapidly both in the US and in the markets that ZEDO serves across Europe, Australia and India. Major publishers are switching to ZEDO for ad serving because ZEDO's technology is focused on innovation to help publishers increase revenue in every way possible. The new ZEDO Ad Network is also seeing dramatic growth and generating higher CPMs for publishers every day."

Roy de Souza added, "I would also like to extend my appreciation to ZEDO's customers. I thank you for choosing ZEDO and am very happy that we are working together to build big businesses in the still early days of this high growth Internet advertising opportunity. There is much more for us to do. We have only just begun."

About ZEDO

ZEDO, Inc., is an Internet ad serving company that has been offering a variety of products and services to web sites, advertisers and networks for 10 years. ZEDO, now the largest privately held ad server in the US, focuses its technology on maximizing revenue for web publishers. ZEDO sits in the premium sector of the Internet advertising landscape and believes that technology can increase the quality of ad impressions and therefore the revenues that publishers earn from advertising.

ZEDO offers several technologies to increase publisher revenue including: cutting edge behavioral targeting, ad network optimization that calculates which ad network will pay the publisher the most, ad serving in flash video players, a widely acclaimed easy to use ad serving UI, a self service advertising technology and new formats to attract advertisers in any market conditions.

ZEDO is headquartered in San Francisco and has offices in Mumbai, Goa, Pune and St. Petersburg.

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