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ZEDO for Advertisers

If you are making media buys there may be two options:

Traffic Source

ZEDO Ad Network is a traffic source for Advertisers and Affiliates who want to reach specific audience segments at the top of the impressions chain. We serve your ads to the right user (determined through Behavioral Targeting) at the right time (only the first few impressions users see).

To start your ad campaign today - Access our self service platform here.

For self service support issues, please email selfservicesupport@zedo.com

For advertisers with larger budgets or more complex needs - Work with our team of experts for custom solutions to maximize your ROI. Call 415.348.8075 or email advertising@zedo.com.


ZEDO is a great ad serving technology solution for Advertisers and Affiliates who want one interface to control and manage media buys, affiliate network partnerships, creative optimization, superb customer service and most of all MAKE MORE MONEY!

Contact us today for a demo and capabilities of our product.

Call 415.348.8075 or email makemoremoney@zedo.com.