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Ad Serving Tools for Ad Networks
Use our tools to manage your team, your inventory, your business.

In addition to the complete set of strong ad serving features that ZEDO provides, we also help Ad Networks manage their business with flexible and customizable system configurations.

Self Service Advertising System
ZEDO offers the Self Service Advertising module which can be plugged into any website or ad network site that wants to offer advertising to small businesses and advertisers around the work.

Trafficking and Operations Support
ZEDO offers complete trafficking services to help you manage and create campaigns, advertisers and sites.

Flexible, Custom Access Control
Each business is different – and every one has different team structures. Customize your own user roles with ZEDO’s Custom Access Control module.

Private Label Options
Our house is your house – give us your logo and we’ll do the rest.

Publisher Defaults
Special publisher users can upload and traffic their own defaults.

Connexion Tags
ZEDO’s Universal Pixel Connexion Tags let your publishers track actions with you.

Publisher Payouts and Profit Reports
Manage your publisher payouts at specific, granular levels. Get up-to-date profit reports, including total payout, eCPM to advertiser and publisher and total profit per publisher.

For more information about ZEDO’s Ad Network Optimization, email or call 415.348.1975.