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Products for Newspapers

ZEDO is the leading advertising technology provider for newspapers in 2011. Hundreds of top newspaper sites depend on ZEDO's technology to maintain and increase revenue streams and profit margins.

A Partner for Newspapers
ZEDO truly is the only partner out there that is aligned with newspapers. No other advertising technology provider actively researches and understands the business like we do. ZEDO has partnered with industry veterans from Maroon to provide compelling, full service solutions for newspapers.

ZINC Ad Exchange
ZINC is a guaranteed ad exchange of newspaper inventory. Newspapers can participate freely by pricing their inventory at rates with which they are comfortable selling. No longer will newspapers have to fear exchange participation as a form of channel conflict, or worse, a devaluing presence to their local sales efforts. Simply name your price and if met,
reap the benefits. With ZINC the exchange is not competing with your sales team, but helping
your sales team sell at the prices they want.

Ad Operations
As targeting, ad creative and inventory management grows in complexity, quality Ad Operations personnel are notoriously difficult to find and retain at reasonable salary levels. Turnover and vacations represent major headaches that can cause the Ad Operations process to falter risking revenue and unhappy advertisers. Companies are left with feeding an ever-growing need with relatively expensive, hard to find and retain resources.

Rich Media / Rich Formats
Rich Media ads give sites a competitive edge and offer advertisers high-impact and meaningful message delivery. ZEDO's innovative Rich Media formats are perfect for national advertisers who demand large share of voice and impactful units. Read more.

Strong Inventory Forecasting
ZEDO offers newspapers the most accurate Forecasting in the industry. Our technology analyzes inventory from every season, and can display expected page views of both the current and following year. With accurate forecasts, sales reps really know what is available to sell and can be confident that they are providing accurate quotes to advertisers, no more and no less.

Self Service Advertising
Only ZEDO offers an integrated self-service advertising module that plugs right into your site. Small and local advertisers love the help yourself system and can buy from you 24 hours per day. Read More.

Publisher Protection from Malware
ZEDO is the only advertising technology partner to offer additional full protection from malvertising. Rest in the confidence that we are taking care of you. ZEDO participates in industry groups and uses several third party information sources to ensure publisher relationships and third party ads are clean. What we offer is Peace of Mind.