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What is Rich Media?

Anyone serving ads on the Internet should take a look at Rich Media. Rich Media ads show a 38 percent higher click-through rate than normal banner ads.

Rich media ads are well on the way to dominating online advertising. Broadband connectivity is the norm, Internet users are overlooking banner ads, and Rich Media Ads are becoming the best option to attract traffic and sales. With Rich Media technology constantly improving, companies who want to build traffic are considering the potential: The best Flash ads are the most likely way to attract new customers.

What are Incremental Ad formats?

ZEDO incremental ad formats are new innovative formats which help Advertisers to increase their performance. It also helps Publishers to increase their revenue without putting in too much effort.

Advertisers love these formats as they are always looking out for something new and innovative. We at ZEDO are focused on building new technology and respond to Advertisers need for change. This helps you to make more money as performance for the new formats in better than traditional in page banners.

Publishers and Ad Networks too benefit from these incremental formats as they are completely new. No one else offers this technology and in addition it's also serving an ad on the page which doesn't take any estate on Publishers site. This helps you increase your monetary gains with these add-on formats.

Rich Media Ad Formats
  1. Expandable
  2. Page Pusher
  3. Page Peel
  4. Overlay
  5. Ads For Flash
  6. Skinning Ad
Incremental Ad Formats
  1. Intromercials
  2. Slider Ads
  3. Ads On Photos
  4. Ads On Video

Media Kit for Rich Media Ad Formats