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Self Service Advertising System

Let Your Users Advertise on Your Site
In todayís market, websites and online publishers have turned to a mixture of several ad networks to fill inventory on their site. There are, however, interested advertisers with spending budgets all over the world, as Facebook and MySpace have shown in opening their ad inventory to their user base. Tap into thousands of advertisers through your users and let them buy advertising on your site with ZEDOís Self Service Advertising module!

Self Service Advertising Built By ZEDO
ZEDOís Self Service Advertising Module is designed to seamlessly plug into your website quickly and easily. The system includes passbacks to convert your users into Advertisers, create an advertising budget, load and target their first campaign Ė even create their ads using our Creative Ad Builder.

Unbelievably Easy Installation
After your creative and user interface requirements are defined, the ZEDO team will help you configure the self service skinning to suit your needs. Once you determine the targeting options you want to open up to your advertisers, simply install the final flash file into your site pages. Finally, after integration and testing, your new advertising system is ready for deployment to your production environment.

Reduces Cost and Increases Revenue
Fewer and fewer websites can afford the overhead of a direct sales team in todayís market. More and more, sites are turning to ad networks, but itís difficult to find ad networks that work in your usersí countries. The ZEDO Self Service product saves you money by letting your users sign up and manage their own advertising buys, and increases revenue by filling advertising space for your users outside the US and Canada. For websites and ad networks that do have a direct sales team, the Self Service product augments your sales efforts by opening the door to those advertisers that your sales team canít reach (other countries). Self Service Advertising also lets you open up the doors to huge numbers of advertisers with small budgets so you donít leave any money on the table.

Fully Customizable to Match Your Site
ZEDOís Self Service Advertising Module can be skinned and styled to match your site and integrate within your site completely. The system can be deployed in various languages and targeting options can be configured to coincide with how you want to sell your site inventory. A ZEDO project manager and implementation engineer will be assigned to ensure a smooth and simple integration.

For more information about ZEDO’s Self Service Advertising System, email or call 415.348.1975.