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Intromercials Ad Format

The ZEDO Intromercial ad format is a simple, repeatable format that sets a good standard for advertisers. It's a format advertisers like to, understand and they are willing to pay well for. What's attractive to advertisers is that intromercials reportedly deliver 5 to 10 times better response rates than banner ads (partially because intromercials allow a plethora of rich media executions), which justifies the premium pricing, and publishers are very selective about which advertisers are offered the format so as not to cheapen the site's own brand.

To run Intromercial ad on the publisher web page, just place the ZEDO ad tag anywhere before the tag of HTML code. JavaScript tags is required to implement this Ad format.

A Full page Intromercial takes over the entire screen and usually appears either when the user first enters the website or is checking one of the internal pages. Since this blocks the actual web page it usually last for few seconds so as to not irritate the web visitor. Most Intromercials feature a "continue" and a "about the ad" buttons that allow the visitor to skip the ad or know more about the advertiser. They usually have a frequency cap of 1, so the user only has to watch it on the first visit of the day.

By default, Intromercials just play for few seconds before getting redirected to the requested publisher page.

Intromercials with Leave-Behind:
An additional option is available where by the Intromercial leaves behind a small 120 x 90 pop-up at the top-right corner of the screen. This popup has a Close and Replay buttons. On clicking the close button, the small leave behind will disappear. On clicking the replay button, the entire Intromercial will play again. The Leave-behind pop-ups are shown only for the first four page request by the particular user.

Standard Specifications:

Lightbox Intromercial (with replay)
Ad Dimensions: Any IAB size or custom size.
Type: Banner, Flash (.swf ), 3rd Party Adserver
Max File size: 4MB
NOTE: In this format, the ad stays visible even on page scroll.